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Banyuls Single Cask Rum
Banyuls Single Cask Rum
The basis is the Alpinist Premium Rare Blend with its eight-year maturation process. The single cask finish is what makes this collection so special. Unique characteristics through maturation in red wine barrels. The typical aromas...
Content 0.7 litre (CHF327.14 / 1 litre)
CHF229.00 /0.7 litre
Swiss Premium Dry Gin
Swiss Premium Dry Gin
Glacial water, fresh mountain herbs, bitter citrus accents and distinctive junipers: The ingredients of this Swiss natural product have been carefully matched. That is what makes the Alpinist Dry Gin pure and pristine. The crystal...
Content 0.7 litre (CHF178.57 / 1 litre)
CHF125.00 /0.7 litre